Thursday, July 16, 2009


Emily Johnson and Julia Leef moments after participating in the WLIU panel on the latest Harry Potter movie, with Bonnie Grice.

Lauren Perugini, Asst. Producer (SUNY SBS intern) and commentator for the show that day with the YAWP students and Bonnie.


Well done Emily and Julia!

Not only did you have a far superiour critical perspective than the party line from the webmistress at Leaky Cauldron, but you contributed points about the books versus the movie that got our minds whirring as quickly as Harry on a broomstick.

If you missed us on the radio you can hear a replay of the show at

From one of our audience members and SUNY faculty, Stephanie Wade:

We loved the reading on Friday! Those young women did such a wonderful job, were so composed. Kudos