Thursday, July 9, 2009

An experiment in being invisible

Drifting alone, I was my own secret and I smiled to
No one saw.
I stood next to the window and I 
melted in.
There's a danger in this, being transformed.
It made my own hands fade 
and suddenly I couldn't even see my knees, only hear,
listening so patiently
to my careful heartbeats, nearly deaf from the
of the sound.  I wondered
did the sun catch some piece of my soul on its way through, 
glinting, reminding the world.
The walls saw me, I'm sure.  I know because they told me.
They whispered,
"We see you.  Don't worry.  We 


  1. Very nice. The line breaks are interesting, is there a particular reason why you broke off when you did? I loved the personification you gave to the walls, and the part about the sun. Very well done!

  2. You have a wonderful sense of absurdity and abstraction and take simple exercises in such a unique direction. Fab.