Thursday, July 9, 2009


I stand on the stairs—unseen, unheard
They walk by, eyes pointed forward

Crowds move by and I stand

The stairs shake as they move by, unaware of my presence.
Empty rooms
Full rooms
I am unseen and free
Moving unheard past unseeing eyes

To them I am not here
I watch them
Yet they are blind
Conversations heard
Greetings exchanged
In my unacknowledged presence

Eyes scan over where I stand.
Am I seen? I stay still, not daring to move—
The gaze moves on
I breathe again

Forbidden things are open now
Social conventions abandoned.

A world opened

I am alone
Outside, looking in
Never acknowledged, never know
Peering through windows
Standing in doors
As people continue their work
An empty stair—mine to explore
So too a crowded room
Eyes pass me; ears do not hear me, me and my plea for life
I am invisible
Unseen, Unheard
An unknown outcast in an oblivious world

So I watch a girl walk through the grass
Watch a man work
Resigned to my empty fate.

A man leaves the elevator.
“'Scuse me,” he mumbles as he passes me.
I am known


  1. This is definitely Emily's, I remember you reading it.

    Very nice job, I remember you standing on the staircase in the first stanza, and I like how you took this from what actually happened to you as we walked around the halls.

  2. Yes, Emily! I love this, but want a line edit;-) always. Try relinquishing some of those over used prepositions to the lost and found room and see what happens to this. The language will carry you if you let it and less is often more.