Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost & Found

I find there candy wrappers and mittens,
old homework and a small ring.
My everyday carelessnesses.
But then-
on the floor wistful dreams and hopes, their
little wings
all deflated and crumpled.
There is
by the window who begins to struggle anew,
rustling against the glass because I am here now and it
thinks maybe,
just maybe,
I will throw open the window so it might soar once more.
But I had forgotten this one
so long ago.
I can barely recognize it as my own.  In fact, I can barely see it at all.
the blank sound of its fragile wings drumming on the glass 
seems real.  It's flickering, dancing so that there is
no hope
of ever catching hold.
It would make me sad 
I don't remember this one, not at all,
so I can't cry.


  1. I like how this poem goes from the simplicities of rings and mittens to a dream so long neglected that you can't even recognize it as your own anymore. And using wings to help give them actual forms was really creative!

  2. Such an image! How fragile our forgotten dreams. Lovely.