Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I Saw

You blew me a kiss
From across the room
And in one moment
My train of thought
Crashed and burned.
The person I was talking to
Waved his hand in front of my face
“Hellooo? “
I shook my head.
“Um. I need to sit down.”
He looks at me, baffled.
And I walk away.
Just like that
Our summer
Comes back.
The weekend spent by the lakeside,
When we sat under the stars,
Making and dissecting s’mores.
When we laid on the beach, telling stories…
Our almost jet ski adventure.
Then, as fast as it began, summer was over
And so were we.

You blew me a kiss.
And it all came back.


  1. So nice and so realistic. It's really amazing that sometimes all it takes to bring everything back is one simple action.

  2. Love it. I'd like to do a line edit so it's tighter but I love that connection to beginnings and endings and their causation.