Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It’s fun to be invisible.
To walk without being seen.
It’s really quite incredible.
If you just know what I mean.

I pass people through the halls,
Their eyes on all but me.
All kinds of people shorts and talls,
Just standing there to be.

And as I stand alone, but one,
Watching people pass me by.
I cannot help but yearn for one,
To look me in the eye.

And say, there, I see you.
Why do you hide within the walls?
Why don’t you come, and start anew,
Among these crowded halls?

And standing there, looking round,
I cannot help but wonder,
If others like me, are to be found,
Who do nothing else, but ponder.

What if this hall was filled fully,
With silent unseen people.
Just like me, and totally,
Ignored by other people.

If I called out, would they hear me,
When no one ever could?
Can it be, that they would see,
What no one ever would?

Come, I say, Come here my friends.
Gather, as do birds of a feather.
Let’s be a group, and share new ends.
Let’s be invisible, together.

1 comment:

  1. Nice shift at the end, to everyone joining you instead of you longing to join them. You might tweak the meter so it is perfect, cut prepositions etc, so each line has the same beat?